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Chemical Resistance Screws

Featured Product from NBK America LLC

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NBK’s Chemical Resistance Screws are a step above the rest. We have Hastelloy equivalents, Teflon, Titanium and Inconel 600 equivalent screws in addition to many more.

Some of the recommended applications for these products include, but are not limited to, FPD production equipment, semiconductor devices, printed circuit board etching devices, metallic surface treatment equipment and facilities and chemical plants.

NBK’s length adjustment service allows customers to determine their screw’s length in 1mm increments.

Our vibration resistance service helps customers as we can treat our screws with anti-loosening treatments. This saves you from having to apply adhesive or sealing tape to your screws.

We also offer a cleanroom service wherein we wash and pack your screws in a cleanroom.

You can read more about our Chemical Resistance screws by using the following link:


You can also read about which screws specifically resist certain chemicals here:


Have any other questions about the Chemical Resistance Screws? We have dedicated staff ready to help, you can reach them over the phone at 484-685-7500 or via email at info.us@nbk1560.com