Disk Type Couplings

Featured Product from NBK America LLC

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Expanding on why the new XH Disk-Type Couplings are the best:

1. The number of disk fixing bolts on one side of the coupling has been increased from two to three, this increased fixing power has enhanced the transmission torque by 1.5 times.

2. The XH series allows downsizing and cost reduction, while improving servomotors instantaneous maximum torque by 350%. 

3. Previously unavailable standard bore diameters are now readily available based.

4. When old disk-type couplings could not connect actuators and motors, we customied parts to allow the reach. Now, a readily available, customized, and longer part is standard. 

Reommended for disk-type couplings include but are not limited to servomotors and stepping motors. 

Our disk-type couplings allow zero backlash, while operating at high torque and with high torsional stiffness.

Some applications include: actuators, surface-mount machines, high precision stages and index tables. 

You can read more about our disk-type couplings by using the following link:


Have any other questions about the Disk-Type Coupling Series? We have dedicated staff ready to help, you can reach them over the phone at 484-685-7500 or via email at info.us@nbk1560.com