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Features of Micro Titanium Screws!

Featured Product from NBK America LLC

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NBK defines "Miniature Screws" and "Precision Screws" as small screws with a nominal diameter of M2.6 or less.
They are also called micro screws, camera screws, and eyeglasses screws.

NBK offers various lineup of Titanium miniature screws and precision screws.
?Titnium Material?
Pure Titanium, Ti-6Al-4V, Ti-15-3-3-3

?Thread Sizes?
M1.6, M1.7, M2, M2.5

?Screw Shapes?
Hex Socket Head Cap Screws, Pan head screws

?Recess Types?
Hexagon, Cross Recess

?Special Shapes?
Captive Processing, Ventilation Hole, Vibration Resistant Treatment