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Hints for correctly using NBK Ball Plungers

Featured Product from NBK America LLC

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NBK’s Plungers are mechanical components for positioning and fixing workpieces.

A spring is built into the main body of the plunger so the ball or pin at the tip sinks into the body when a load is applied, and is returned to its former position by spring force when the load is removed.

Ball Plungers are suitable for sliding mechanism positioning. The ball sinks in response to both vertical and lateral loads.

Pin Plungers have longer strokes than ball plungers. The fit between the pin and positioning hole can be lengthened, enhancing durability for lateral loads during positioning.

NBK’s lineup is has great variation and many options: sizes M2-M30, available materials include Steel and Stainless Steel, the Anti-loosening treatment with Nylon Patch or Nylon Lock are also optional. Our navigation system on our website can help you make the right selection.

Furthermore, customizations are available such as Load Changing, and Installing Ventilation Mechanism for Semiconductor equipment so please let us know what you need.