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NBK’s Spherical Washer are available from M3 size!

Featured Product from NBK America LLC

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NBK's spherical washers "SQW(S) series", have excellent alignment absorption capability. They are used in pairs, a concave and convex set. The washers allow up to 3 degrees of tilt when fastening bolts.
The spherical washer make it possible to securely fix bolts on an angled surface without any gaps, thereby avoiding instability. Remaining gaps or un-even tightening can cause parts to cave in or become damaged. Worse yet sometimes loosening screws. If hygiene is a concern, NBK also has a clean room, so we can provide advanced cleaning and vacuum packaging of these washers when required. This makes them particularly suitable for clean environments such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment and food/beverage related applications. NBK's has standardized these products in many sizes starting as small as M3-M5 and covering all the way up to M24.