Plastic Low Profile Screws

Featured Product from NBK America LLC

NBK has many styles of Low Head Hight Screws.

Low Head Screws, made of Plastic.

Size: M3, M4, M5, M6

Material: PEEK, RENY, PPS

Head Height: Up to 1/4 of common socket head cap screws.

Recess: Hexagon or Hexalobular (Torx)

Features: Non-magnetic, Low Profile, Corrosion Resistance, Light Weight, Electric Isolation. 

Application: FPD production equipment / Semiconductor devices / Printed
circuit board etching devices / Metallic surface treatment
equipment and facilities / Chemical plants / Transformers / Electrical
and electronic equipment / Hot water pumps / Chemical pumps

NBK has more variation of Plastic screws so please check our website!