Springs with fully customized slits (Flexus)

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  • This is a multi-functional part made of various materials with slits and the portion between the slits works as a spring.
  • Simple structure made of various materials with slits.
    Its excellent functionality is demonstrated in a flexible coupling? MST and MSX ?.
  • This enables arbitrary spring properties against compression, tension, shearing, and bending.
  • It has extremely high rigidity against torsion.
  • A due to cutting process, exact spring constant can be obtained for use in instruments where precision and reliability are required.
  • This enables you to get a spring property extremely close to the linearity.
  • Its heat radiation effect allows thermal expansion and shrink.
  • The shape and dimensions are flexible. Polygonal shape as well as cylinder can be manufactured.
  • The shape of hub (end portion for mounting) can also be manufactured according to individual needs.
  • Materials such as beryllium copper, spring steel, and engineering plastic in addition to aluminum alloy and stainless steel are freely selectable.

Slit Pattern

Changing the slit (number, pitch, width, depth, etc.) enables you to obtain arbitrary spring property.

Usage Example 1

Functions other than spring such as screw, washer, and pin can be added and integrated into one unit to reduce the part cost and the number of manhours for assembling. For example, end portions for holding or fixing can be integrated into screw or flange form.

Usage Example 2

A heat radiating effect can be created by increasing the surface area and minimize shrinkage and expansion due to heat. Heat insulating products can also be made based on selected materials.

When Considering

Flexus is a completely custom-made multi-functional part. When considering, please specify the following condition.

  • Material and surface treatment
  • Spring properties: Spring constant (N/mm), amountof deflection (mm)
  • Application
  • Outline

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