In-House and Field Inspection Services

Service Detail from NDE Professionals Inc.

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NDE Professionals, Inc. is a non-destructive testing laboratory that performs testing on metals and non-metals for flaws by use of Conventional and Phased Array Ultrasound, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant, Eddy Current, Computed Radiography and Visual testing. This testing is available in our shop or at your facility.

Non-Destructive testing is used for the detection of cracks and irregularities in metals without causing any physical harm of the component being tested. The term can also be used for other tests which are used to measure parameters without causing any damage to the material.

We offer a variety of flaw detectors ranging from thickness gauging to phased array and everything in between, magnetic yokes and probes and a new 5000 amp horizontal wet bench.  We’ve also added a Post Emulsified Penetrant line to our services offered.

NPI has the ability to perform both laboratory and field ultrasonic testing using “state of the art” ultrasonic equipment.  Our ultrasonic technicians have advanced technical training in portable ultrasonic phased-array testing, flaw characterization and flaw sizing, in addition to 29 years experience in ASME/AWS flaw detection and corrosion surveys. 

NPI is also capable of laboratory or field-testing using fluorescent water washable, visible water washable and solvent removable liquid penetrant techniques.  Water washable penetrant methods may be used in field applications provided EPA approved water recovery systems are in place.  Magnetic Particle equipment utilizing both direct and alternating current are commonly used by NPI in the field and laboratory.   A variety of Boroscopes and Fiberscopes allow NPI to perform remote visual inspections.

NDE Professionals, Inc. is dedicated to providing the highest level customer service and quality inspection regimes.  We can provide field inspection of steel as well as in-house inspection which can even be performed while you wait.  We can develop and implement an inspection program to fit your needs based on national specifications, codes, or standards or those specified by you.