Model P-2042 Nuclespot™ Alpha Ionizer

Product Announcement from NRD, LLC

Model P-2042 Nuclespot™ Alpha Ionizer-Image

The model P-2042 Nuclespot Alpha Ionizer is a small, self powered ionization device that quickly eliminates static charge. It's designed for use in a variety of applications where space is limited, and is ideal for installation inside equipment. Test results have shown that alpha energy ionizers are the only technology that does not contribute to increased particle levels in the environment.

An ideal product for analytical laboratories and cleanrooms, the model P-2042 is appropriate for narrow webs, small trimming jobs, and photo processing. It's been found to be well suited for use in mini environments in semiconductor, flat panel display, optics and storage media manufacturing.

Optimum efficiency is obtained by positioning the unit one inch from the target and grounding the ion source. The model P-2042 requires no power supply or electrical connections, resulting in ease of installation and flexibility.