P-2001 Alpha Linear Ionizers

Product Announcement from NRD, LLC

P-2001 Alpha Linear Ionizers -Image

NRD's linear alpha ionizers are ideally suited for web type applications as well as in flammable or explosive environments where electrical ionizers are not suitable. The Model P 2001-I adds stainless steel induction brushes to increase ionizing efficiency when used with high-speed webs. The Model P 2001-AC adds an air curtain that allows the bar to be placed further from the application or when the removal of dust and debris is required.

NRD's Nuclestat™ ionizer is the workhorse of the series, delivering ionization right where it is needed, producing a uniform balanced ionization along its active length. Requiring no external power source to operate, this ionizer proves to be an economical, effective means to eliminate static.