The NucleJet™ II

Product Announcement from NRD, LLC

The NucleJet™ II -Image

NRD is pleased to announce the introduction of the new and improved NucleJet™ II. This rugged hand held ionizer replaces the original NucleJet model 4040. The NucleJet™ II offers several improvements over the 4040, including:

  • 3 times the static removal power of the 4040
  • Faster decay times - The NucleJet™ II can remove a 1000 volt static charge at 18" in less than 0.8 seconds
  • The NucleJet™ II is more economical. The list price of the replacement ionizer for the 4040 is $420 versus the ionizer for the NucleJet™ II, which is $332