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How do you manage the maintenance?

Featured Product from NSXe Co. LTD.

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Is getting used to a new system for maintenance still difficult?

Prevent machine failures and get a better system instead of just fixing them!

It is vital to keep a check on the health of your employees and the functionality of all devices. Though, it is challenging to get a new system.

However, the Wi-Fi vibration sensor "conanair" can solve those problems.

"conanair" is a Wi-Fi vibration sensor for preventive/predictive maintenance.

It's inexpensive and compact, also truthfully easy to set up though, almost all expensive precision diagnosis of bearing fault can be covered by "conanair" with new technology, Under-Sampling.

What can we do with conanair?

We have seven significant benefits of conanair:

  1. Low Cost
  2. No application is required.
  3. Equipped with Two modes: Manual and Automatic mode
  4. Easy to link other systems
  5. Easy to set up
  6. It dramatically reduces human labor.
  7. Waterproof

And more.

Also, it can use in any field, such as Aerospace, Automotive, Factory, Manufacturer, Building & Construction, and more.