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Bearing diagnosis and Under-Sampling

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Wi-Fi Vibration sensor “conanair”: Proven Bearing Diagnosis at a Very Low Price Using Under -Sampling Technology

NSXe Co. Ltd. has demonstrated that “conanair” detects bearing damage with Under-Sampling.

Expensive, high-resolution vibration sensors were conventionally required to capture the impact vibration caused by bearing damage.

However, the inexpensive, low-resolution "conanair" has succeeded in capturing the same impact vibrations, enabling the diagnosis of bearings.

This technology is called Under-Sampling, which actively uses aliasing noise to handle high-frequency signals even at low sampling frequencies. It is mainly used in wireless communication systems that take high-frequency signals.

When a bearing is damaged, high-frequency impact vibrations are generated, and the bearing can be diagnosed by checking the envelope (change in amplitude) and the interval between the vibrations. This is an established technology with a more than half a century track record.

Traditionally, expensive vibration sensors have been used to measure high-frequency shock vibration.

It is also believed that inexpensive digital output sensors with low sampling frequencies cannot measure such vibrations or that high-frequency impact vibrations create a large fold-back noise that impedes measurement.

However, using a general-purpose vibration sensor capable of under-sampling, we could confirm the impact vibration intervals necessary for bearing diagnosis. The result is a very inexpensive bearing diagnostic machine.

Affordable Wi-Fi vibration sensor “conanair”

Just as a doctor would listen to your heart during a physical examination, the primary purpose of the conanair is to perform health checks on machinery and equipment. Until now, high-performance, expensive vibration sensors have been required for precision diagnosis. However, with this new technology, most of the precision diagnosis of bearings can be covered by conanair—patent pending.

Future development

To meet the needs for use in hazardous areas, we are developing an explosion-proof version of the product, which we aim to release by the end of 2023.

We also expect that our inexpensive vibration sensors will be widely used to detect abnormalities in bearings, reduction gears, and various other machines, contributing to IT systems.