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NSXe, is a mechanical equipment installation and maintenance company. We specialize in fluid and heat transportation machines like pumps, compressors, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Our primary customers are major automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, and we provide various kinds of assistance in production engineering and equipment maintenance.

"conanair", developed by NSXe, is a vibration monitoring system designed with the users’ needs in mind and is primarily intended for simple diagnosis.

We have already sold more than 1,700 units in Japan and our clients include JERA Shin-Nagoya Thermal Power Station, which has used more than 100 units of conanair over the past three years.


Flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of conanair. 


Anyone can use the conanair easily on a PC or Smartphone. No application is required and no installation is required because it can be attached anywhere with a built-in magnet.


conanair may be used in automatic or manual mode. Data including raw waveform data can be saved automatically into a folder and can be utilized for AI and BI tools, and integration with existing or new systems to manage the data easily. 


NSXe has started system collaborations for companies like, Chiyoda Cooperation and can be seen in this video.


conanair fits anyone’s needs with its flexibility.