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What is “conanair” in the first place?

Despite the significant benefits of vibration sensing, some businesses might be intimidated by the technology. As a business, you should not be afraid. Instead, you are excited by thinking about saving money and time. Enough function is also an essential key to adopting a new system or product. This can all be done with "conanair."

How does “conanair” compare to other products?

With the understanding of what conanair is and what it does. You might ask, why should I choose conanair over other products?

Currently, other devices that measure vibration can cost up to $3000, whereas conanair costs only a fraction of that price. conanair is presently one of the most inexpensive choices on the market. Furthermore, data is collected consistently and in manual and automatic modes.

Conanair is an inexpensive and easy-to-use vibration monitor based on our many years of experience in rotating machinery maintenance and vibration sensors. It aims at preventive maintenance and detects abnormal vibrations before machine failure to ensure peak performance. It monitors motors, pumps, compressors, agitators, grinders and more, in many fields, such as thermal power plants, paint factories, biomass power plants, sewage treatment plants, steel manufacturers and more.

In manual mode, businesses can measure vibration at as many locations as possible and perform patrol measurements conveniently. It can operated on a PC or smartphone on browsers through Wi-Fi. 

Automatic mode, on the other hand, does not require any human involvement. You can create a schedule to collect vibration data and upload it to your PC or a cloud.

Additionally, flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of conanair.

Data, including raw waveform data, can be saved automatically, utilized for AI and BI tools, and integrated with existing or new systems to manage it easily.  

Overall, the compact size, low-cost, two modes, no additional installations, and convenience make conanair an easy and beneficial tool.