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Explosion-Proof Wi-Fi Vibration Sensor

Featured Product from NSXe Co. LTD.

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Today, the global market size for vibration monitoring, especially in the field of explosive atmospheres is projected to reach $3.43 billion by 2030. This has caused is a great need for innovative products.

What products can fit this need?

NSXe, a company supporting factory facility maintenance and efficiency improvement, has launched, "conanair," an explosion-proof Wi-Fi Vibration Sensor for Preventive Maintenance. 

Conanair is an inexpensive and easy-to-use vibration monitor based on our many years of experience in rotating machinery maintenance and vibration sensors. Conanair aims at preventive maintenance and detects abnormal vibrations before machine failure to ensure peak performance. Conanair monitors motors, pumps, compressors, agitators, grinders and more, in many fields, such as thermal power plants, paint factories, biomass power plants, sewage treatment plants, steel manufacturers and more.

Additionally, flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of conanair.

Anyone can use conanair easily. No application and installation are required in manual or automatic mode or on a PC or Smartphone. 

Data, including raw waveform data, can be saved automatically, utilized for AI and BI tools, and integrated with existing or new systems to manage it easily.  

Conanair can fit anyone’s needs with its flexibility and expand workplace possibilities.