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NSXe Co. LTD. developed the conanair low-cost Wi-Fi vibration sensor that detects vibrations simply by attaching it to machinery.

Our main area of business is mechanical equipment installation and maintenance. We specialize in fluid and heat transportation machines like pumps, compressors, refrigerators, and air conditioners. Our primary customers are major automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, and we provide various kinds of assistance in production engineering and equipment maintenance.

We developed  a Wi-Fi Vibration Sensor called “conanair.”

"conanair" is a vibration monitoring system we made to fit our needs as vibration sensor users and is primarily intended for simple diagnosis.

We have already sold more than 1,600 units in Japan.

We are making a big push to expand our business globally.

We correspond with the restrictions to sell our products in India, Indonesia, America, the EU, Thailand, and China under a non-exclusive distribution agreement.

We are also in the process of restrictions in Korea and other countries.

We provide demos. You can try the demo unit of conanair for free!

conanair gauges vibrations from the machine detecting equipment failures before they happen. By finding the rattling in the motor, it can even detect bearing abnormalities.

It is affordable and easy to set up. After purchase, you can immediately operate it from your smartphone. It can be operated on your web browser and does not require an application. It can be easily linked with external systems supporting AI implementation, enabling the use of IoT.

It comes with a fully automatic measuring app, a tendency management Excel macro, and an analysis app allowing for frequency analysis.

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