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Predictive Maintenance & Under-sampling technology

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Wi-Fi sensor "conanair" and "Under Sampling" technology is conventionally believed that expensive and high-resolution vibration sensors are required to capture the impact vibration caused by bearing damage. It is also assumed that inexpensive digital output sensors with low-sampling frequency cannot measure such vibrations or that high-frequency impact vibrations create a considerable fold-back noise that impedes measurement.

When a bearing is damaged, high-frequency impact vibrations are generated. The bearing damage can be diagnosed by checking the envelope (change in amplitude) and the interval between the vibrations. This is an established technology with a more than half a century track record. The "Under Sampling" technology is mainly used in wireless communication systems that must handle high-frequency signals. This technology actively uses aliasing noise to handle high-frequency signals even at low sampling frequencies.

NSXe uses a general-purpose vibration sensor capable of "Under Sampling" and can substantiate the impact vibration intervals necessary for bearing diagnosis. This has caused NSXe to be successful in manufacturing an inexpensive, low-resolution sensor, conanair. conanair can capture vibrations, enabling the diagnosis of bearing fault.

Affordable Wi-Fi vibration sensor "conanair" Just as a doctor would perform a checkup on their patient to make sure they are healthy. The primary purpose of "conanair" is to perform health checks on machinery and equipment. Until now, high-performance, expensive vibration sensors have been required for precision diagnoses, but with this new technology, almost all precision diagnoses of bearing fault can be covered by "conanair."