Using data flexibly with conanair

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Using data flexibly is becoming much more necessary, especially these days. In addition, we have to manage data in each suitable application or format.

Sometimes, it takes more time to set up, and it isn’t straightforward.

However, conanair can deal with it.

Data can be easily used for various analyses with conanair.

conanair has two modes, automatic and manual mode. You can download data automatically or manually. In manual mode, businesses can measure vibration at as many locations as possible and perform patrol measurements conveniently. On the other hand, the automatic mode does not require any additional human force. You can create a schedule to collect vibration data to be uploaded to the cloud of your choice or your PC through a Wi-Fi access point.

And raw data frequency is saved. You can convert data to CSV. Data can be used in Excel.

Therefore, data can be used for various analyses, AI, and even more.