Digital Simulation

Product Announcement from NX CAE - Siemens PLM Software

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Turn Unproven Product Ideas into Proven Global Innovations

While many companies recognize how simulation can benefit their businesses, there are still significant challenges facing these companies limiting their ability to realize the full value of what traditional simulation can provide:

  • Design and analysis teams work in different systems, so engineers waste time re-creating instead of re-using design data
  • CAE data is badly managed, work is repeated because missing data limits confidence in existing models and out-of-date design data
  • Independent point solutions lack support for multiple analysis disciplines, complicating the analysis process and limiting team efficiency

NX CAE is the answer to these challenges, and represents Siemens PLM Software's vision for a completely integrated environment for simulation modeling and analysis in concert with simulation data and process management. This vision is a reality today, and is enabled through the NX suite of CAE applications which are tightly integrated with NX Design and Teamcenter. By leveraging all of the power of NX and Teamcenter, companies can apply simulation over the complete product lifecycle including:

  • Simulation Driven Design
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Simulation Knowledge Capture & Process Automation
  • Correlation & Validation
  • Simulation Data & Process Management