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One of the basic components of any construction job, from a simple repair to a full large-scale build, the importance of using the proper bolts cannot be overstated. National Bolt & Nut’s selection of bolts is wide-ranging and able to suit most any requirement that you may have. The options in bolt selection are nearly endless: full or partial threading, square head or hex head, carriage bolts, plow bolts, or tapping bolts, and metric or standard sizes, to name a few. Ribbed neck bolts are also available, and most of these products conform to ANSI B18.5 dimensional standards.

Bolt head options range from totally flat heads, which are flush to the surface, to contoured, uneven heads, to dome heads. NBN can provide parts in all material grades, to your dimensional specifications exactly per blueprint or sketch.

In conjunction with our selection of bolts and other fasteners, National Bolt & Nut Corporation features an extensive inventory of nuts, ensuring proper fastening strength, load distribution, and protection from shearing. Our line of industrial nuts includes coupling nuts, lock nuts, slotted nuts, wheel nuts, and more. Product options can be selected according to nearly any characteristic, from thread size to nut thickness to metric or inch per IFI (Industrial Fastener Institute) specifications. We can offer in plain fish or any other platings your application warrants.

For information on compatibility and selection for proper fit with our other products, including bolts, cotter pins, and dowels, drill down through our product lines or contact us here at NBN for assistance. Some examples of options for nuts include nylon inserts, two way side locks, fine or coarse thread, and varying grades.

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National Bolt & Nut, Inc.
National Bolt & Nut, Inc. (NBN) is a Domestic Manufacturer of large diameter custom non-standard fasteners for critical care applications.

NBN supplies Bolts, Nuts, Studs and Washers to the Agricultural, Energy, Heavy Equipment, Mining, Petrochemical, and Rock Crushing industries.

We have provided "blue print specials" since 1996 in all grades of steel and exotic materials.
Our ISO compliant Quality Program challenges NBN to identify ways to best serve ever changing customer needs. All fasteners are manufactured to ASME, ASTM, DIN, ISO and to customers proprietary standard specifications.

NBN guarantees to offer custom quality fasteners at the best price with the fastest industry lead times available.