Specialty Pellicles

Product Announcement from National Photocolor Corp.

Specialty Pellicles-Image

National Photocolor Corporation is a manufacturer of off-the-shelf and custom pellicles. We offer a broad selection of pellicle beamsplitters, filters and windows for UV to IR applications. Many custom type coatings and specially sized mounts are available for shipment within days after receipt of an order. In addition to special pellicle membranes, frames and coatings we offer technical and prototype design assistance. As each application is different, we welcome your call, fax or email. We will help you design the right pellicle for your application

General Specifications

  • Membrane material - Nitrocellulose
  • Temperature range - -40° C to 125°C
  • Index of Refraction - 1.5
  • Surface Quality - Better than 40/20
  • Average 8/92 R/T Uncoated
  • Transmitted Wavefront typically better than 0.5 wave.
  • Reflected wavefront typically better than 1 wave/inch.

Film Specifications

  • Standard Thickness/Standard Quality (ST-SQ)
  • 5µm (0.0002") ±10% Thickness Uniformity ‹ 4 fringes/inch (2 waves/inch)
  • Standard Thickness/Laser Quality (ST-LQ)
  • 5µm (0.0002") ±10% Thickness Uniformity ‹ 1 fringe/inch (0.5 waves/inch)
  • Extra Thin Pellicles (ETP)
  • 2µm (0.00008") ± 10% Thickness Uniformity ‹ 1 fringe/inch (0.5 waves/inch)

Reflection Flatness/Transmitted Wavefront

Using improved manufacturing techniques NPC now provides Ultraflat Pellicles with up to 1/10 reflection on central areas of smaller diameter pellicles. Better than 1" wave reflection flatness can be obtained on larger diameter pellicles. The central 75% to 80% central area of a circular pellicle is normally specified as the best area for reflection flatness. Computer reduced interferometric documentation can be provided.

Specially manufactured pellicles with transmitted wavefronts of better than 1/10 are available. Thickness uniformity of one fringe over large areas are also available. Computer reduced interferometric documentation can be provided.

IR Pellicle Applications

Minimal loss (typical 50/50 R/T Ave.) beamsplitting pellicles are available for selected bandwidths within the 700nm to 5µ range. Coatings can be altered for different states of polarization as well as for single wavelength applications.