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Usually, when it comes to producing custom rubber parts, die cutting is the most common production method. National Rubber now offers the next generation alternative to die cutting, an ATOM Flash Cutter machine that eliminates the need for rule dies.

What is flash cutting?
Flash cutting is a type of CNC machining where there are no tooling costs involved. Unlike traditional die cutting, flash cutting uses CNC equipment to hold the rubber in place and cut shapes and parts with material thicknesses up to 1.00 inches. Because there are no dies involved, flash cutting eliminates the need for tooling costs.

What are some of the benefits of flash cutting?

  • Fast turn-around times
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Optimal material utilization
  • Minimal loss of material
  • Extremely smooth edges
  • Cutting capacity up to 60” X 120”
  • No dies needed for new business
  • No dies to store or repair
  • Reduces labor costs – one operator can run multiple machines simultaneously


The ATOM flash cutting machine is a computer controlled, high output system that produces a part from a common CAD file. You simply supply the CAD file in DFX or DWG format, or National Rubber can create the file for you. Dimensional changes to a part can be made just by revising the file or creating a new one. The system is particularly good for prototype parts, short runs, narrow widths and thick materials. Moreover, unlike water jet cutting, flash cut parts do not get wet and the cut quality is better on most materials. Unlike laser cutting, there are no gases, no odor or toxic fumes. The flash cutter’s preciseness allows us to hold tight tolerances. Fact is, the flash cut produces parts to tighter tolerances than die cutting, without the expense
of tooling. No lost time waiting for dies to be made. No die charges. Fast turnaround time with exceptional precision. Moreover, with a cutting capacity of 60” X 120”, large and complex designed gaskets and seals are fabricated with ease. Our engineers simply convert your drawings or samples into a CAD format and our flash cut system does the rest.

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We offer you following reliable services:

Custom Extrusion 
With our sophisticated control drive that allows us to maintain extremely close tolerances to RMA classifications, we can extrude a wide variety of products including seals, o-rings, weather stripping, insulations, gaskets, tubing and more. Our extruded rubber components are commonly used in the automobile, appliance, medical, and food and beverage industries, among others.   Click here for more information.

Custom Molding
We employ compression, transfer, and injection molding to ensure a perfect match to customer specifications. We work with an array of natural and synthetic compounds, including flame-retardant, food-safe, and high temperature. Common materials include Butyl, EPDM, Fluoroelastomers, Neoprene, Nitrile, SBR, Silicone, Viton, Sponge, and more.  Click here for more information.

Die - Cutting
Using a high precision cutter, we can cut the most unique sheets from a variety materials including EPDM, Viton® Nitrile, and Silicone to name a few. Our capabilities ensure we can meet your specification in terms of shape, thickness, color, material, and more.  Click here for more information.

Secondary Fabrication
Our in-house capabilities include corner molding, gasket fabrication, punching, precision cutting, splicing, T-joint fabrication, 0° to 180° joint, windshield glass vacuum ring, and printing/stamping.  Click here for more information.

Custom Mixing 
Using variable speed, 50 horsepower mixers, we can mix even the most demanding engineered compounds. Each mixer is followed by three high horsepower, variable speed control mills that can provide continues batch blending. The result is total consistency from batch to batch. Click here for more information.

National Rubber Corporation
National Rubber Corporation is an innovative premier parts manufacturer specializing in engineered solutions for rubber molded parts, extrusions and gaskets, plus secondary fabrication services. An ISO-certified company, we serve an ever-growing list of nationally recognized customers in a variety of industries, from agriculture to food and beverage, from industrial to mining, to name only a few. Whether you need a simple part or a multifaceted industrial or mechanical part, we will work with you to design, prototype and manufacture custom parts to meet your exact specifications. We have the ability to customize your products to accommodate any size, shape or applications. What’s more, we’ve got the capacity, the manpower and the determination to deliver quality products on time, every time. What originally started as a small facility in 1997, we've grown quickly and have recently moved into a new 68,000 sq. ft. facility right off of I-79 just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.