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Service Detail from National Rubber Corporation

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At National Rubber, we have earned the reputation as a manufacturer of top quality fabricated parts. We are known for our attentiveness to detail, our industry knowledge and experience and our commitment to excellence. If you already have a design for your custom rubber parts, we can produce them for you. If you need help with a design, we have an engineering staff that will help you design the parts. Put simply, we have the expertise to manufacture parts to your unique specifications. You simply send us your inquiry, problem or drawing via email, mail or fax. We will assess your concepts and make the design and material recommendations to improve parts fabrication and reduce your cost. Then, when you get your quote or place your order, you will be given an exact shipment date.



National Rubber Corporation is an innovative premier parts manufacturer specializing in
engineered solutions for rubber molded parts, extrusions and gaskets, plus secondary
fabrication services. An ISO-certified company, we serve an ever-growing list of nationally Recognized customers in a variety of industries, from agriculture to food and beverage, from industrial to mining, to name only a few.

Whether you need a simple part or a multifaceted industrial or mechanical part, we will
work with you to design, prototype and manufacture custom parts to meet your exact
specifications. We have the ability to customize your products to accommodate any size, shape or applications. What’s more, we’ve got the capacity, the manpower and the
determination to deliver quality products on time, every time.

At National Rubber, we are driven by customer requirements, and we use the tools of the quality process to meet or exceed these requirements.


  • Grommets
  • Misc.shape
  • Silicone sheet
  • Bumpers
  • "U" Channels
  • O-Ring
  • "C" Channels


We offer you following reliable services:
Custom Mixing
Using variable speed, 50 horsepower mixers, we can mix even the most demanding engineered compounds. Each mixer is followed by three high horsepower, variable speed control mills that can provide continues batch blending. The result is total consistency from batch to batch.

Consistency is also assured by our state-of-the-art control systems. These systems supply an extensive array of data that we can use to solve problems and enhance the performance of your compounds. In addition, drilled front rolls and precision temperature control capabilities enable us to handle silicone and other heat sensitive compounds.
Custom Extrusion
We have a sophisticated control drive that allows us to maintain extremely close tolerances to RMA classifications. We have the engineering capability and skill to extrude profiles of complex shapes of prescribed colors & Shore hardness as per the sample / Blue Print sketch provided by the customer. Developimg from Prototype to production of any elastomer is forte at National Rubber Corporation.

Give us a chance for prototype development and same wil be done at presrcibed duration.
Custom Molding
We work with the following elastomers: 

  • Silicone 
  • EPDM
  • Viton 
  • Nitrile
  • Fluroelastomers 
  • Natural Rubber
  • Neoprene 
  • SBR 

and More conductive and non conductive elastomers
Secondary Fabrication
Our in-house capabilities include: 

  • Corner Molding 
  • T-joint Fabrication
  • Gasket Fabrication 
  • 0° to 180° joint
  • Punching 
  • Windshield Glass Vacuum Ring
  • Precision Cutting
  • Printing
  • Splicing 
  • Hollow O- Rings of any custom size 


The National Rubber Corporation was founded by Perry Monpara in 1997, just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After working in the industry for a few years, Perry started up National Rubber. National Rubber started off as a small custom extruded rubber product shop with a 2,800 square foot facility. Since then, National rubber has had two major expansions and currently operates out of a 65,000 square foot facility with capabilities including standard and custom extrusion, compressor molding, transfer molding, injection molding, splicing, and die-cutting gasket material.