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Retrofitting DC Power Supplies & rectifiers

Service Detail from Neeltran, Inc.

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Nearly all Electrical Maintenance supervisors clearly understand how your DC Power Supplies (High Current Power Supply, and Rectifier Transformer) are the “heartbeat” of your production processes.  These custom systems feed your chemical membranes, furnaces, smelters, etc the power they need to produce large
volumes of your raw material.  If the heartbeat stops, so does production.

Do to long lead times, (because Rectifier Duty transformers and Rectifiers are custom made for each facility to produce the current range and voltage necessary for production) management is faced with a dilemma.  How do we replace the components without a significant shutdown?

NEELTRAN is able to produce a retrofit Rectifier Transformer or Rectifier that will simply slide into the existing space when it is time to remove the old component.  This is because NEELTRAN will custom engineer the product to exceed performance specs and match mounting configuration, connections, and features and options to make this happen – offering you substantial savings. The new unit will be built to your current power and control needs with today’s modern methods.

For retrofit/replacement units, we can visit your site to ensure exact measurements and fit. Neeltran will do more than simply mechanically fit the new unit into the existing units place. We provide new exact retrofit equipment that is plug and play for your process. This will mean a very quick orderly change out with less downtime during this process.
We can provide combined Full Current and Full Voltage factory testing of the transformer and rectifier in their actual configuration prior to shipment. With Neeltran, your firm will gain access to our 40 years of proven Power Electronic experience, the latest technology, and professionals who are enjoying a world-wide recognition in this field.

Reasons for retrofitting replacing a rectifier or transformer;
Transformer – Age, or exhibiting signs of end of life including gassing, oil deterioration, overheating of coils, overheating of core, loss of oil, deterioration of insulating materials from heat, moisture, oil leaks, and excessive load, poor winding and core clamps can allow vibration, – when this happens it is time to replace the transformer.

Rectifier – Overheating, fuse blowing, dirty, contamination

Problems with replacing a DC Power Supply....
Perception that you are tied to the original manufacturer or you must change the input/output bus / connections, or the pad area needs to undergo major construction. Furthermore, many original manufacturers from the 60’s,70’s and 80’s are no longer around or not in this line of business anymore. Neeltran can provide mechanically matching and electrically superior dc rectifiers or transformers.
If you want to change out part of your equipment and not the complete dc power supply, we can rebuild the power section of your rectifier, your transformer or replace the controls.
Transformer rewinding and transformer repair work requires design engineers with a high level of experience. We have a full-time engineering staff that specializes in transformer and rectifier design. Our engineers consider and evaluate winding design, mechanical clamping, insulation systems, harmonics, core-steel and environment.  Our retrofit units will be designed to out-perform your original units.
We can modernize (control or power section upgrade), repair, replace, retrofit anyone’s DC Power supply. Many dc supplies were installed from the 1960’s through the 1980’s; these supplies have outlived their useful lives. We perform these services on site or at our facility depending on the complexity of the work. For a new retrofit we can modernize the unit and make sure it fits back on your installation pad without site work modifications.

We can also in many cases retrofit your oil transformer and water-cooled rectifier known as our E-House rectifier. NEELTRANS unitized “E-House Rectifier” is a high current DC power supply solution featuring a robust dry, water cooled transformer, along with a state of the art efficient SCR (thyristor) based Rectifier (converting AC to DC) to drive the energy intensive electrolysis process critical to meet the production of material.  The water-cooled Transformer is situated along with the rectifier in the main power section of the E-house, and the control room is in its own section – combined into one insulated cooled and heated outdoor E-House enclosure, with inputs and outputs strategically located to serve a customer’s needs for simple installation and low construction costs. Maintenance teams love NEELTRAN units since they now have “eyes on” the rectifier and the transformer, which is impossible with Oil Cooled Transformers.

Please contact us to see which solution best suites your needs.