Transformer & Rectifier Service, Repair & Upgrades

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Whether it’s a Transformer Rectifier, Rectifier Transformer, Inductor, Reactor, Interphase Transformer, or any industrial power conversion/power electronics equipment, Neeltran’s service department of trained service engineers and technicians are waiting to serve you, in support of our own products, but ALSO for DC Power Supplies and Power Conversion products manufactured by others, too!

Many of the Power Conversion products (DC Power Supplies, Power Rectifiers, Rectifier Transformers) in the market have been installed in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, and have effectively outlived their useful life. Many of these products are exhibiting inadequate performance and should be replaced or repaired/upgraded. Inadequate performance from a DC Power Supply ultimately means increased costs through lost production and increased maintenance costs.

Even if they are operating adequately, these units represent a significant threat to your production capacity in the event of failure.

Neeltran is completely equipped to handle all emergency and non-emergency repairs of Rectifier Transformers, Rectifiers, Controls (DC Power Supplies) either in-house or on site. We have invested in additional High Bay space with a large transformer pit and heavy duty overhead cranes.

Of course, Neeltran will service and support our own Rectifier Transformers, Rectifiers, Controls, Reactors, Inverters, Auto-Transformers, etc., but did you know that we also specialize in the repair and upgrade of existing OEM DC Power Supplies as well?

Global On-Site Capabilities

On site, Neeltran can dispatch a fully trained service engineer or technician WORLDWIDE from its Connecticut manufacturing facility. In addition to our own capabilities in the USA, we have global service centers on all continents. We have forged strategic service alliances to support our activities with particular attention to: Chile, Singapore, Italy, Peru, and the Middle East region.