Transformer Repair, Retrofits and Remanufacturing

Service Detail from Neeltran, Inc.

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Neeltran Inc. is completely equipped to handle all emergency and non-emergency repairs of transformers and power supplies. We repair ALL competitors units as well.  For retro-fit/replacement units, we can visit your site to ensure exact measurements and fit.

First, Neeltran Inc. will evaluate your unit. Then our engineers will electrically and mechanically enhance it before beginning the repair. This engineering review will help give the repaired unit a longer life.

Neeltran Repaired Transformers should be serviceable for another 20 - 25 years. This is because an Engineered Repair involves a total redesign that seeks to eliminate original design weaknesses that caused the transformer to fail.

Neeltran will do more than simply copy the original design. Transformer rewinding and repair work requires design engineers with a high level of experience. We have a full-time engineering staff that specializes in transformer and rectifier design. Our engineers consider and evaluate: winding design, mechanical clamping, insulation systems, harmonics, core-steel and environment.  Our retrofit units will be designed to out-perform your original units.

Product Range: Up to 60 mVA, Primary voltages up to 69 kV Oil Cooled.

34 kV and 15 mVA dry and water cooled. We service all types of equipment from OEM’s, Phase shifting, Rectifier, Regulating, Furnace Transformers and Reactors.