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Replace ailing rectifiers and duty transformers

Service Detail from Neeltran, Inc.

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NEELTRAN can help you replace ailing rectifiers and rectifier duty transformers that are placing your production at increased risk, without the headache of working with an engineering company or construction company.

Nearly all Electrical Maintenance supervisors clearly understand how your DC Power Supplies (High Current Power Supply, and Rectifier Transformer) are the “heartbeat” of your production processes.  These custom systems feed your chemical membranes, furnaces, smelters, etc the power they need to produce large
volumes of your raw material.  If the heartbeat stops, so does production.

Do to long lead times, (because Rectifier Duty transformers and Rectifiers are custom made for each facility to produce the current range and voltage necessary for production) management is faced with a dilemma.  How do we replace the components without a significant shutdown?

NEELTRAN is able to produce a retrofit Rectifier Transformer or Rectifier that will simply slide into the existing space when it is time to remove the old component.  This is because NEELTRAN will custom engineer the product to exceed performance specs and match mounting configuration, connections, and features and options to make this happen – offering you substantial savings. The new unit will be built to your current power and control needs with today’s modern methods.

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