Providing high-strength fasteners for Construction

Featured Product from Nelson Fastener Systems

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The NelsonĀ® brand is well recognised in the construction industry for providing high-strength fasteners that can stand up to the most demanding of design standards. We offer a full complement of stud welding fasteners and application equipment to non-residential building contractors and OEMs for use in applications ranging from bridges and high-rise buildings to construction machinery and power generation equipment including nuclear power plants - to name just some of our markets. Our products meet stringent fastening, material and welding codes and we have received approvals from recognised design agencies, code bodies and industry standard organisations.

We are constantly researching new product applications to solve complex customer assembly and fastening needs. We pioneered the use of stud welded shear connector studs, headed concrete and deformed bar anchors and punching shear resistor studs; all ideal for use in high-stress concrete applications. Moreover, we perfected the use of abrasion-resistant weld studs to offer equipment OEMs and their end users the greatest wear protection and longest life for their construction equipment.