Fluid Dynamics™ dynaJET™ Dry Polymer Systems

Product Announcement from Neptune Chemical Pump Co., Inc.

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Fluid Dynamics™ dynaJET™ Dry Polymer Preparation technology is now available for use in oil-and-gas production applications as a way of maximizing the recoverable resources found in mature wells. The engineering team at Fluid Dynamics can design an entire system that meets the needs of a specific well.

Many mature wells still have valuable recoverable resources buried deep within them, but the cost to bring these resources to the well's surface can be prohibitive to the well's operator. By using the dynaJET system to inject a mixture of dry polymer and water into oil-and-gas wells that have declining production rates, the wells can be "recharged." The long-term benefits of working these revitalized wells can include increased production, better operational efficiencies, revenue enhancement, less downtime, reduced environmental risk, and reduced health and safety concerns for site personnel.

The dynaJET technology is ideal for oil-and-gas recovery applications because it utilizes a negative-pressure pneumatic conveyance system to transport and disperse the dry polymer prior to wetting. Dispersing dry polymer prior to coming into contact with the dilution water assures effective polymer particle wetting. Effectively wetting each polymer particle prevents polymer agglomerations from occurring. The result is reduced mix and hydration times, higher polymer performance and lower chemical costs.

In the pneumatic conveyance process, specially designed spray nozzles thoroughly wet each polymer particle as it passes through the wetting head and into the mix/age tank. The mix/age tanks include Neptune's mixers, specifically designed for polymer applications to keep the hydrating polymer molecules in suspension while not damaging the fragile, uncoiling polymer.

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dynaJET™ Dry Polymer Systems