Clearflo® 70 Phthalate-Free PVC Tubing

Featured Product from NewAge Industries

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Clearflo® 70 PVC tubing is a clear, flexible, phthalate-free product from tubing and hose manufacturer NewAge Industries. Clearflo 70 tubing was developed in response to customers' interest in fluid transfer products that do not contain leachable phthalates such as DEHP (Di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate) or BPA (bisphenol A). Some studies indicate that phthalates – chemicals used to make certain plastic materials more flexible and easier to process – may have a negative health impact. Clearflo 70 is an ideal tubing solution for brewing and other beverage applications and for the transfer of fluids, gases and air in the medical device and health care markets.

Features of Clearflo 70 tubing include:

  • Phthalate, DEHP and BPA free
  • Raw materials meet California Proposition 65
  • Finished product meets USP Class VI requirements
  • Made from non-toxic ingredients conforming to FDA standards
  • Listed by the National Sanitation Foundation for food equipment materials - NSF-51
  • Glass-like clarity lets users see fluid flow
  • Mirror-smooth surfaces provide outstanding flow characteristics
  • Lightweight yet tough and abrasion resistant
  • As flexible as rubber
  • Handles a wide variety of chemicals, gases, and liquids
  • Raw material meets UL94 HB burn rating
  • REACH and RoHS compliant

NewAge stocks Clearflo 70 in fifty sizes ranging from 1/16" through 2" I.D.; larger sizes are available. The company also offers braid reinforced PVC hose for higher pressure usage, as well as fitting and clamps for attachment.