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Engineering Capabilities
NewAge Industries has increased its engineering capabilities with the aim of providing better and faster services to our customers.

NewAge’s engineering team currently consists of applications engineers, design and test engineers, engineering project and process managers and tooling engineers. Their technical experience combined with a broad range of engineering backgrounds gives our team the expertise necessary to meet the needs of the industry.

Project Management
The project management team, located within our engineering department, is focused on new product development and managing all phases of new product launches, line extensions, and potential project solutions. When new, application-specific feature sets for extruded tubing or hose are required, our project management team is ready to help guide the project through from idea and concept all the way to testing and production. The team uses the robust and efficient Stage-Gate® process for new product development. Projects are carefully managed to ensure that all critical steps are taken throughout the development process, and customers can speak directly with an engineer for assistance.

Applications Engineering
It takes true understanding on the supplier side to identify the best solution to meet a customer’s needs, and our engineers know that custom and complex fluid flow assembly solutions are often required. NewAge’s applications engineers begin with an idea from the customer and work with them through the entire process to make recommendations on the best suited assemblies, components, and product materials for their specific application. Through collaborative design, the team creates technical drawings, designs custom tooling, and takes the concept all the way to a finished product.

Tooling Design & Development
In order to continuously improve our engineering and production capabilities, it’s necessary to design and trial new tooling. Whether it’s new product development, line extensions, or customer-specific designs, our tooling engineers work to create, evaluate, and validate custom silicone and thermoplastic molds.

NewAge’s engineering team has a staffed prototype and sample center where customers can speak with an engineer and have their ideas turned into samples designed from custom tooling. This allows for quick turnaround and nonstandard manufacturing lead times to ensure that the customer receives samples quickly.

Product Testing
NewAge’s product testing team has a staffed test facility with many capabilities, including but not limited to:

  • Peristaltic Pump Life &
  • Spallation Testing
  • Tensile Testing
  • Adhesion Testing
  • Leak Detection Testing
  • Weld and Seal Testing
  • Burst Pressure Testing
  • Hardness Testing
  • Package Puncture, Tear & Integrity Testing
  • Testing of Products at a Wide Range of Temperatures
  • Statistical Data Collection & Analysis
  • Custom Testing of Overmolded Junctions & Sanitary Ends
  • Custom Test Protocol Design, Execution & Reporting


Other testing may be outsourced for sterility, validation, and physical property requirements concerning the hardness or softness of materials, dimensions, and mechanical data.

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