Service Detail from New England Small Tube Corporation


FINISHING Here at New England Small Tube we understand that not only does a part need to work properly but appearances do make a difference as well. A good looking finished part says as much about quality as the process that produced the part. One of the reasons people choose stainless steel at a material is because it can be polished to a high finish. There are many methods to produce a quality finish such as buffing, Stainless Micro-Polish, or Electropolish. We offer them all and will suggest the best method for the nature of a particular part. On the other end of the spectrum some parts require a dull finish. It could be the need to reduce reflection or to clean up a braze joint. For such parts, we can offer micro-blasting, glass blasting, sandblasting or any combination of the three.

Then of course there is an entire range of possible coatings we can offer. The most common coating for reducing carry-over is Teflon. Teflon coating can be applied to the outside surface of any tube and to the inside surface down to an internal diameter of .020". Other possible coatings are Parylene as well as MH-AH coating. Each one has its own benefits. We would be happy to help find the right coating for your application.