Industries Served by New England Small Tube

Product Announcement from New England Small Tube Corporation

Industries Served by New England Small Tube-Image

New England Small Tube provides many guide tubes and protective sheath tubes to the fiber optic industry. Our highly polished, smooth internal diameters make our tubes ideal for stuffing fibers. This industry also benefits from our tube bending expertise. We provide uniform bends with minimal distortion. Our knowledge of tube bending allows New England Small Tube to offer technical support from the design stage of a project through production.

Aerospace customers come to New England Small Tube for sleeves, bushings, connectors and other small diameter tubular parts. They come to us to find difficult materials. We are currently a dock to stock supplier for several companies that have been serving the aerospace industry for years. If you need a machined tube, and you need it done on time and done correctly the first time, then call New England Small Tube.