Extruded Parallel Tubing

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Extruded Parallel Tubing
With or without additional electrical elements – you decide!
New England Tubing also manufactures custom extruded parallel tubing, sometimes referred to as Paratubing, in a wide range of thermoplastics and designs. If your application requires parallel tubing with or without additional elements like electrical properties, signal carrying capabilities, or strength members, New England Tubing can provide innovative solutions.

Interested in having electrical components within the walls of your tube?  Learn more about eTubing™ solutions

Hybrid Configurations
Tubing enhanced with additional specialty elements like electrical and signal carrying capacities.
New England Tubing specializes in developing and manufacturing hybrid tubing products such as parallel extruded tubing, eTubing, and other specialty tubing products. These tubes are enhanced with additional elements like electrical properties, signal carrying capabilities, strength members or one or more lumen. Whether your application requires conductors inside the wall of a tube, lumens located within a multi-conductor cable, or some other custom configuration, New England Tubing has the solution. In a collaborative effort with you, our design team will solve your hybrid tubing needs.

New England Tubing Technologies Advancing Innovation 
New England Tubing Technologies designs innovative tubing solutions. From rapid prototyping services and small quantity orders to full production and value-added services. Let us help you dream beyond today’s technology!

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