Spiral Wrap

Featured Product from New England Tubing Technologies

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New England Tubing Technologies has extensive spiral winding capabilities. We are able to provide spiral reinforcement to improve hoop (crush) strength and alter the flex characteristics of tubing. Our in-house technical staff designed and built our PLC controlled high speed spiral winders, capable of handling a wide range of members and wire gauges. We have produced sizes ranging from miniature tubing used in neurological applications to larger tubing used in endoscopy devices for gastrological procedures. Our team has experience with a wide range of materials ranging from stainless steel alloys to high strength monofilament polymers. This comprehensive knowledge allows New England Tubing Technologies to meet each and every customer’s exacting needs.

Listed below are some general guidelines of our capabilities, however each order we process is custom designed and manufactured so please contact us to discuss your unique requirements.



  • Application Angle 35° to > 85°
  • Number of Possible Ends 1 to > 18
  • Diameter Dimensions < 2Fr (0.66mm) to 27 Fr (9.0 mm)
  • Ability to vary spiral density which can change tubes flex characteristics over its length 
  • Longitudinal members can be added to change linear and comprehensive strength of the tube Provide cut length

Spiral Materials

  • Round Wire (Small as 0.001” (0.025 mm)
  • Flat Wire (Small as 0.0003” x 0.002” (0.0076mm x 0.051 mm)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper and Copper Alloys
  • Nitinol
  • Textiles
  • High Strength Polymers


  • Reinforcement for Single and Multi-Lumen New England Tubing Technologies Manufactured Tubing