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PIG Disinfectant Compatible Disposable Dry Wipers

Featured Product from New Pig Corporation

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PIG Disinfectant Compatible Disposable Dry Wipers are available in two strengths -- all-purpose and heavy-duty/abrasion-resistant.  Add cleaning solution to these dry wipers to use for disinfectant and sanitizer wipe downs throughout industrial and corporate facilities, grocery stores, vehicles and more.

All-Purpose Wipers stand up to a broad range of applications - from disinfecting surfaces to everyday cleaning.  A great balance of toughness, absorbency and wet strength, dry wipes can be used with spray bottles of sanitizers or disinfectants for wiping down surfaces. The low-lint construction won't shed, pill or leave behind unwanted fibers when wiping. 

Use Heavy-duty wipes for tough industrial disinfecting jobs when wet strength, long-term use, and abrasion resistance are all needed. Its wet strength and chemical resistance stand up to corners, handles and other surfaces that might shred otherwise. Also, binder-free construction provides extra strength to withstand solvents, degreasers and cleaners.

Both all-purpose and heavy-duty are ideal for use with commercial/professional grade disinfectants, alcohol, bleach, EPA List N disinfectants, cleaners, and sanitizers. And both are offered in the following packaging options:

  • Quarter-folded and poly wrapped for easy handling and loading
  • Convenient pop-up box: use just one wiper at a time keeping remaining stock clean and dry
  • Large-capacity, long lasting, center-pull dispenser: use just one wiper at a time