Product Announcement from New Pig Corporation

  • Fast protection for when a spill is heading right for your drain; just remove protective film and put Cover down right over drain
  • Exclusive New Pig formulation features a harder, tear-resistant top layer that withstands repeated use and abrasion combined with a flexible, tacky bottom layer that molds to uneven surfaces and tightly seals drain openings to block out liquid
  • High-visibility yellow top color draws attention to spill for increased safety; dark bottom color hides dirt and grime
  • Polyurethane material resists water, oil and many chemicals
  • Reusable; cleans easily with soap and water
  • For best performance, make sure Cover overlaps drain opening at least 3" on each edge
  • Need a custom size? Call 1-800-HOT-HOGS® (468-4647) To see additional information please see our Product Data Sheet.