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Featured Product from New Pig Corporation

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New Pig has recently added the PIG® Mobile Roof Leak Diverter Kit to their extensive line of Leak Diverter products.  The new kit helps facility managers quickly respond to, collect and channel overhead leaks – keeping floors dry and safe. 

“Traditional leak-diverters do not meet all of our customers’ needs,” said Scott John, Product Developer at New Pig.”  Facility Managers were looking for a kit that not only diverted intruding water, but also could contain it to prevent slip hazards and floor damage. The Mobile Roof Leak Diverter Kit is the perfect solution.”

Ideal for airports, convention centers, shopping malls, warehouses and other large facilities, the wheeled, hi-vis 30-gallon capacity container draws attention to the leak to prevent slips and falls. And, the kit can be easily transported to a designated draining area with minimal spill risk. 

The Kit includes the collection container, vinyl-coated leak diverter tarp, drainage hose, quick connect adapter and adjustable hanging straps

For more information on the PIG® Mobile Roof Leak Diverter Kit, including additional sizes and styles, call 1-800-HOT-HOGS, visit www.newpig.com or contact one of New Pig’s fine distribution partners.


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