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PIG™ Microbial Oil Stain Remover

Featured Product from New Pig Corporation

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  • Gradually remove oil and fuel stains from pavement and concrete to eliminate rain runoff and sheen emissions
  • BioBreaker™ microbes digest hydrocarbons through bioremediation, naturally converting them into water and harmless gases
  • Stormwater-safe solution can enter storm drains without harming the environment
  • Easier than using cleaners and degreasers that cannot be allowed into waterways or groundwater systems — just check the SDS, Section 6, on competitor cleaners to see the warning!
  • Applies easily using a manual sprayer and light agitation or pressure washer; product is designed to work over time as a repeated application during maintenance walks
  • Inspector-friendly best practice eliminates lasting record of stains and shows your commitment to compliance
  • Concentrated formula dilutes to your coverage and works across multiple applications
  • Great for use anywhere oils and fuels hit the pavement: in parking lots and around docks, dumpsters, compactors, stockpiles and more
  • The recommended dilution of 1:15 arms you with 75 gallons of cleaner for plenty of maintenance rounds, affordably. Treat over 2,000 stains with single-application coverage of 7,425 sq. ft., or 2,365 oil stains with a 2-ft. average diameter