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PIG® Over-The-Drain Sediment Filter

Featured Product from New Pig Corporation

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  • Remove sediment and debris from stormwater before it enters your drains and inlets; ideal as a Best Management Practice (BMP) to help avoid violations
  • Integrated magnetic strips on underside of filter allow easy installation in seconds; just set it in place — no lifting grate, no cable ties, no pinched fingers
  • Natural coconut fibers are densely woven and vertically oriented to maximize sediment removal and flow rate
  • Designed and tested to remove 99% of particulate size 0.425mm and larger
  • Built-in ports and scalloped edges help resist clogging; removable plugs offer overflow protection during high-flow storm events
  • For curb-style inlets with grate, align magnets and place straight (unscalloped) edge against curb for best performance
  • For curb-style inlets without a grate, filter can be folded in half and “stuffed” into opening; friction fit holds filter in place
  • Reusable product can be washed and reinstalled for extended service