PIG® Quick Deploy Leak Diverter Kit

Featured Product from New Pig Corporation

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Quick deploying leak diverter instantly springs into position to catch roof leaks. Just hook onto any pipe or rafter and pull off the sleeve.

  • Perfect for quick responses to prevent leaks from damaging inventory, machinery or creating slip hazards
  • Hangs easily in problem spots to catch nuisance leaks and channel them to a floor drain or collection container
  • Nonpermeable tarp is vinyl coated for strength and durability; resists punctures, UV and mildew for long life
  • Pinched corners help funnel liquid toward center for better drainage
  • Connect flexible PVC drain hose (included) to channel liquid to floor drain or collection container
  • 3/4" drain fitting accepts longer hoses if necessary
  • Flow rate of 3.33 gallons per minute when used with a 1/2" ID hose
  • Need a custom size or solution? Just call 1-800-HOT-HOGS (468-4647)