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PIG® Stormwater Heavy Metal Filter Sock

Featured Product from New Pig Corporation

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  • Designed and tested to consistently outperform any other sock for removal of heavy metals from stormwater runoff
  • Patent-pending dual-chamber design promotes two-stage filtration: highly absorbent proprietary filler pulls in oils; water passes to secondary chamber where our special media blend removes zinc, cadmium, chromium, lead, copper and other dissolved metals
  • Durable geotextile skin stops trash and debris; removes total suspended solids (TSS) over 297 microns (50 mesh) and maintains an impressive flow rate of 2 gpm per foot
  • Weighted sock stays in place, eliminates the labor and expense of staking or trenching
  • Flexible design follows the contours of uneven ground for maximum surface contact; can be shaped, even at right angles, to create fully contained spaces
  • Heavy-duty straps make filter sock easy to carry while you install, reposition or replace socks
  • Highly efficient erosion control solution; reduces pollutant release and water flow rates while eliminating environmental nutrient discharge
  • Protect more than your drains! Also ideal for source pollutant removal around grease dumpsters, garbage dumpsters, oil containment areas, roof drains, property perimeters, outfall pipes, downspouts, culvert pipes, stock piles, washdowns, outdoor cooling systems and other oily applications
  • Use standalone for smaller applications or use multiple units to create a treatment train for source-to-drain protection