Benefits of Retrofitting/Upgrading Industrial Fans

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Benefits of Retrofitting or Upgrading Industrial Fans

Regardless of the application, fans face challenging conditions where erosion, corrosion, fatigue, bearing failures and damage inevitably occur. In material-handling applications, debris can build up on internal components and cause fan efficiency to decline. Other taxing conditions, like extreme temperatures, high humidity, and even certain sound environments can further affect the performance, reliability, and efficiency of equipment over time.

When frequently repairing or replacing parts, it is critical to accurately identify the causes of underperformance and failure so the problems can be resolved with a long-term solution.  Such solutions can include either retrofitting or upgrading the system. Several benefits of upgrading existing equipment include:

  • Maximizing your equipment ROI. Your upfront investment will yield better results while saving time and costs of frequent maintenance and downtime.
  • Improving system reliability for greater operational efficiency and longevity.
  • Improving energy efficiency thereby reducing energy costs.
  • Enabling rapid adaptation for new production demands.

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