Direct Drive Plug Fans

Featured Product from New York Blower Company (The)

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Direct Drive Plug Fans are designed and constructed for applications where the system plenum acts as the fan housing. This compact design reduces overall system size and cost achieving operating efficiencies nearly equal to conventional housed fan equipment. The Direct Drive Plug Fan also eliminates the need for drive component such as bearings and vbelt drive. Its mounting panel permits assembled-unit installation to any well-supported plenum wall.

Design & Construction Features

  • Thirteen sizes…12” to 49” wheel diameters (Class I, II, III & IV)

  • Pressures to 20” WG

  • Capacities from 1,200 to 85,000 CFM

  • Operating temperatures up to 450 F

Installation/mounting panels allow for assembled unit installation in horizontal & vertical motor shaft positions. Available with up to 2” insulation
Utilizes standard length motor shafts
Three wheel types: AcF (AirFoil), ECF-9 (AirFoil), and PLR (single thickness)
Shaft cooler guard
Narrow width wheel construction is standard, allowing operating performances to be fine-tuned around motor synchronous speeds


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