Oil-Filled, Self-Healing AC Motor Run Capacitors

Featured Product from New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.

New Yorker Electronics is now distributing the new Barker Microfarads (BMI) 800P and 810P AC Motor Run Capacitors. These units are non-polarized oil-filled metallized polypropylene film capacitors designed for continuous AC applications.

Oil-filled capacitors are designed for circuits requiring high-reliability. Whereas aluminum electrolytic capacitors are nearly always polarized with a positive and a negative terminal, oil filled capacitors are non-polar. This makes the 800P and 810P ideal for all voltage reversal applications.

These new capacitors are also self-healing, meaning they possess the ability to clear a fault area where a momentary short occurs following a dielectric breakdown under voltage. The 800P has a single capacitance value while the 810P has dual capacitance values and the voltages ranges of each type is 240VAC to 600VAC. They meet EIA 456 Specifications, are UL recognized and are RoHS Compliant.

These capacitors, available in round and oval sizes, are used in split phase motor, compressor, filter and other AC applications. The highly durable capacitor series is housed in aluminum cases with steel covers and different terminal configurations are available for various wiring options. The casings are also moisture and oil resistant.

A ¼in Quadruple Quick Connect Terminal is standard but a ¼in Triple Quick Connect is also available, as are  ¼in combinations of double, triple and quadruple terminals and ¼in Solder Lug Quick Connect Terminals. Mounting hardware and brackets are available for easy mounting. Units can be supplied with bleeder resistors if required.

Features & Benefits:

• Plastic Case, Moisture and Oil Resistant
• Voltages from 110 VAC - 330 VAC
• 091A Meets EIA Type 1 Specifications
• 092A Meets EIA Type 2 Specifications
• UL Recognized Capacitors


• Split Phase Motor
• Compressors
• Filters
• AC Applications

New Yorker Electronics is a franchise distributor of Barker Microfarads and supplies its full line of AC Motor Run Capacitors, AC Motor Start Capacitors, Military Spec Capacitors, Mini Axial Capacitors, Mini Radial Capacitors, Tubular Axial Capacitors and Tubular Radial Capacitors.