Mission-critical Wirewound and Metal Film Resistor

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New Yorker Electronics, longtime franchised distributor for Vishay Dale, is featuring two mission-critical products from its military/aerospace parts division: Vishay’s -40 dB MIL-PRF-55182 ERC (RNC/RNR) and MIL-PRF-39007 RWR with high-temperature silicone coating. Designed for the most rigorous environments, the hard-to-acquire Vishay Dale mil-spec, models. Additionally, Vishay Dale has complete capability to develop specific reliability programs designed to customer requirements.

The Vishay RWR Type MIL-PRF-39007 Qualified Axial-Lead Wirewound Resistors are high-temperature silicone coated with complete welded construction with a failure rate up to Level S (0.001%/1000h). The series is available in non-inductive styles (type N) with Ayrton-Perry winding for lowest reactive components and are available in tolerances of ± 0.1, ± 0.5% and ± 1.0% with resistance values from 49.9 to 1000?. Vishay RWR’s are also available in terminal wire/winding options of solderable/inductive, Solderable/non-inductive, weldable/inductive and weldable/non-inductive.

The Vishay ERC (Military RNC/RNR) series of High-Precision Metal Film Resistors are MIL-PRF-55182 Qualified and has demonstrated 100% stabilization and screening tests. The Vishay RNC (solderable/weldable) and RNR (solderable only)  devices have a controlled temperature coefficient with an epoxy coating to provide superior moisture protection. Like the RWR, the ERC series is available in tolerances of ± 0.1, ± 0.5% and ± 1.0% with resistance values with a failure rate up to Level S.

Vishay ERC Resistors are available in voltage ratings from 200 to 350VDC and resistance ranges between 10 to 796K and 10 to 3.01M. It maintains a low noise rating of -40 dB. The standard lead on the Vishay RNC is solderable and weldable. These mission-critical devices receive monthly acceptance testing. Contact New Yorker Electronics for current verified failure rate levels.

New Yorker Electronics supplies Vishay Dale discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs and infrared optoelectronics) and passive electronic components (resistors, inductors and capacitors).

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