Vishay Power Metal Strip Current Sense Resistor

Featured Product from New Yorker Electronics Co., Inc.

New Yorker Electronics will be distributing the new Vishay Dale WSLF2512 Surface-Mount Power Metal Strip® Current Sense Resistor that combines a high power rating up to 6W, TCR down to ±70 ppm/°C, and extremely low resistance values down to 0.0003Ω in the 2512 case size.

Providing a power density of 192W/in^2, the WSLF2512 is a Vishay Super 12 Featured Product. It allows designers to save board space in high-power circuits by utilizing the smallest resistor possible. The device’s low TCR provides stable and accurate current measurement across a wide temperature range (-65°C to +170°C), while its low resistance values minimize power losses and improve end product efficiency.

The WSLF2512’s advanced construction incorporates a solid metal nickel-chrome, manganese-copper, or manganese-copper-tin alloy resistive element with low TCR (<20 ppm/°C). This results in a higher-power resistor in a smaller size that maintains the superior electrical characteristics of the Power Metal Strip construction. A proprietary processing technique produces resistance values ranging from 0.0003Ω to 0.003Ω, with tolerances of ±1.0% and ±5.0%. The device provides low thermal EMF (<3µV/°C) and a very low inductance (<2nH).

The resistor released today is ideal for all types of current sensing, voltage division and pulse applications in power management for automotive electronic controls such as engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes, audio and climate controls; inverter controls for down-hole test and measurement equipment and HVAC systems; and VRMs for servers. The device is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free and Vishay Green.

Features & Benefits:

  • High Power Rating, Up to 6W
  • Low Resistance Values, Down to 0.0003Ω
  • TCR Down to 70ppm/°C
  • Small Case for Power Rating: 2512
  • High Power Density (192W/in2)
  • Very Low Inductance (<2 nH)
  • Low Thermal EMF (<3μV/°C)


  • Current Sensing in Power Semiconductor Modules
  • Automotive Electronic Controls (engine, transmission, anti-lock brakes, audio, and climate controls)
  • DC Motor Controls (water pumps, oil pumps, air conditioning, electric power steering)
  • Electric, Hybrid Battery Controls
  • Oil / Gas Well Drilling (down hole test/measurement equipment), air conditioning / heat pump
  • VRM Servers
  • Current Sensing in Power Semiconductor Modules

New Yorker Electronics is a franchise distributor for Vishay Dale and carries the full line of Vishay Super 12 Featured Products as well as its complete line of discrete semiconductors (diodes, MOSFETs and infrared optoelectronics) and passive electronic components (resistors, inductors and capacitors).