Static Grounding for Type C FIBC Bags

Product Announcement from Newson Gale, IEP Technologies LLC

Static grounding protection in potentially combustible dust atmospheres, safely remove static electricity from Type C FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) and eliminating the risk of uncontrolled incendive static spark discharges.

Static electricity is capable of providing an ignition source in areas where many combustible powders are processed or handled. The amount of energy required will depend on the explosive characteristics of the dust/air mix, but in order to control these risks, the Earth-Rite® FIBC may be used to safely dissipate electrostatic charges from Type C FIBC

The Earth-Rite® FIBC continuously monitors the static dissipative path through the bag's conductive filaments, via a verified earth grounding point.

Three attention grabbing green LEDs pulse repeatedly to indicate to operators when the FIBC has a verified and continuously monitored static ground connection.

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