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Nexperia introduces CAN-FD 24 V ESD protection

Featured Product from Nexperia B.V.

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As data rates increase and vehicles feature more electrification, the need for ESD protection is becoming ever more critical. Providing the right protection for automotive modules is a continuous challenge for design engineers.

In contrast to the battery voltage found in cars and smaller vehicles, 24 V board nets are typically used in trucks and commercial vehicles. ESD protection devices with operating voltages typically above 32 V are required to safeguard sensitive signal lines in 24 V board nets. Addressing these requirements, Nexperia has designed this portfolio to have a maximum reverse standoff voltage of 36 V and up to 22 kV ESD protection. This performance is combined with a low clamping voltage of VCL= 48 V at IPP = 1 A to provide the best-in-class system-level robustness for IVN.